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Top 15 Best Hollywood Movies List In 2009 | 2010

Green Zone Hollywood Movie

Hollywood Movie List Some people claim that Green Zone tries to hurt the reputation of U.S.A. and gives the wrong impression regarding Iraqi war, but I advise you to forget about these accusations and just enjoy this greatly staged movie that describes quite a realistic situation that could happen during this war. It shows not only overall truth about the war but has a really breathtaking plot concentrated about the search of a weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. Hollywood Movie Matt Damon playing Army Chief Warrant Officer tries to find any signs of WMD with his squad and finally finds out that relevant information can be obtained from important Iraqi general. HE tries to capture him alive while an officer of Special Forces has the order to eliminate him. So Green Zone is a great movie about the war in Iraq and it is easily possible to say that it is one of the best movies in its genre. Hollywood Movie

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(500) Days of Summer Hollywood Movie

Hollywood Movie, At last, we have something in the genre of romantic comedy that doesn’t look like hundreds of other unrealistic movies that presented in cinemas every season. Instead, 500 Days of Summer is a story of love between absolute romantic Tom who is played by Joseph Gordon Levitt and girl who appreciates freedom and knows how to control men Summer, played by Zooey Deschanel told in a non-chronological way. The action shifts from one highly emotional event in their relationships to another.

It shows all the frustration and struggles when one partner in relationships definitely loves another but the second one wants to keep that easy and not very serious. You can add 500 Days of Summer to you best movies list and if you like to watch movies online you can enjoy it right now. Hollywood Movie

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Yip Man 2 Hollywood Movie

Hollywood Movie I bet that you haven’t seen any good Kung Fu films for a while already so probably you would want to find something indecent in this genre and download movies online. Yip Man 2 is a nice sequel that manages to keep the tension of the storyline and Kung Fu fights on the same level as the first part.

This time action takes place in Hong Kong where Donnie Yen who plays the main role wants to teach his King Fu style — Wing Chun but finds out that local master doesn’t want him to hear. Besides that, he has another tough rival – western boxer who also doesn’t respect him and his martial art. Both the first and second part can be considered as best movies in their genre and both are definitely worth watching. Hollywood Movie

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The Reader Hollywood Movie

Hollywood Movie The Reader goes deep into human nature and explores many sides of our characters. It is absolutely not a story about love but it is more about guilt and redemption. This very emotional and amazingly staged screenplay is based on the book and manages to transfer everything from the plot to the overall drama. The story begins back in the fifties when a teenager (played by Ralph Fiennes) meets an older woman who helps him and lately starts serious relationships with him.

Kate Winslet who plays that female likes when her young lover reads her various books and they spend a great time together until the sudden break. They meet only 8 years later when this young man finds her in the court, accused in cooperation with Nazi. He knows how to save her but keep silence… This film was nominated for many rewards and won some of them so it is definitely can be considered to be in the list of best movies. Hollywood Movie

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Prayers for Bobby Hollywood Movie

Hollywood Movie This highly emotional movie is based on an absolutely real story that happened in the early eighties in America. It tells us a very dramatic story of a gay teenager played by Henry Czerny who confessed about his homosexuality to his mother (Sigourney Weaver). She was fundamental Christian and could not accept that her gay now and started her own quest to cure him She turned all the family against her own sun and didn’t leave him any other choice but to commit suicide.
However, after his death, she realized what she did and tried to redeem that sin by protecting teenage homosexuals all around the country. Actors managed to express the real feelings of this family and exposed all the details of that sad story. Prayers for Bobby is one of the best movies in drama genre that is really worth watching, especially considering that the story itself is real. Hollywood Movie

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The Wolfman

Hollywood Movie This new remake of the movie produced in 1935 can really beat that old good classic not only with stunning CGI but with actor play and especially director work of Joe Johnstone who managed to expose the fearsome background of English village full of unexplainable horrors. The story takes place in 1890 in the suburbs of London, son and his father were ambushed by some sinister creature while they were walking home in the late evening. Hollywood Movie

Hollywood Movie Their relative comes back from America to check them out and find out that something went terribly wrong here. Both Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro plays not simply good, but absolutely outstanding so we can easily place The Wolfman among other best movies only for actor play, but computer effects and complicate plot are also very important. I advise you to read our blog more often and watch movies that we review here! Hollywood Movie

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Seven Pounds

Hollywood Movie Some viewers who watched that film stated that it is not realistic and the love story can’t be true. However, actually, this film exposes the real feeling and shows life as it is. Will Smith playing the main character has lots of his life and he is on the edge of suicide since he blames himself for that loss. However, he continues to live and try to change his life by helping other people. Hollywood Movie

However many complicated problems arise in his heart and memories about his dead wife still torments him. The plot has many sudden and unexpected moves and it keeps the viewer in great tension. Actors do a great job performing real feeling and emotions and showing us what is real human compassion. If you like to watch quality movies and you know what is love and compassion you will be surprised by this drama. Hollywood Movie

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Hollywood Movie Legion is a very entertaining story about a war between God and devil that takes place on earth. Satan has the army of possessed people and God sends his angels to fight against that evil. However, his general, Archangel Michael has his own opinion on what is happening and decides to act against the will of God. That is a very breathtaking combination of fantasy and horror that sometimes can really scare. Hollywood Movie
The definite advantages of Legion are the great computer graphics and of course the final message that is quite unusual and intriguing. Hollywood Movie

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Rambo 4

Hollywood Movie I bet that everyone was surprised that at his 61 years Stallone managed to play such an intense role and direct that action movie at the same time. Despite his age, he looks pretty well and does incredible things. Actually, this new Rambo is the best in all series and it is much faster and brutal than previous ones. The action takes place in Burma where a group of people is trying to deliver medicine to the remote village with Rambo helping them. Hollywood Movie

However, that delivery is discovered by military forces and almost everyone is killed. Besides Rambo of course! I have to strongly advise you not to watch it if you can’t stand scenes of violence and can’t see gruesome wounds and blood. That is one of the best action movies but it is full of violence, truly depicting war in jungles. So if you to make your heart beat faster you should download movies like that one for sure! Hollywood Movie

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Hollywood Movie You may think that Kick-Ass is similar to all these movies based on comics that were produced recently but that is not true. That outstanding film is a unique combination of comedy and extremely violent action in Tarantino’s style. It is based on comic book indeed but the plot is absolutely amazing together with actor play and video edit which makes it one of the best movies of this year. It is about one teenage guy who decided to become a superhero without having any powers.

He wears a green scuba outfit and tries to fight against crime. Quite soon he meets a magnificent couple of other heroes — Big Daddy who is former cop and Hit-Girl — his twelve years old daughter who is trained as a super efficient killer. Don’t take everything seriously and enjoy how that little girl slaughters hundreds of evil guy pouring loads of blood. Remember that you can download movies right here if you like something. Hollywood Movie

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Shrek the Third

Hollywood Movie When first 3D animation movie Shrek came to cinemas it caused a sensation among viewers. Rarely directors and animators manage to create something that both adults and kids like equally. Third part — Shrek the Third manages to combine same advantages as the first part but introduces the even better quality of animation. So nothing changes in Pixar — they still make the best movies for all members of your family.

They can add both adult and kids jokes that make you all laugh and have a good time together. This time Shrek tries to find a replacement for him as a king since he is really tired with his duties and wants to be simple ogre with a happy family. Besides his wife is appears to be pregnant to his big surprise and his former enemy Prince Charming has the plans to overcome the crown again. If you find this plot intriguing enough and believe that the third part of the film can be even better than first one — watch movies from this amazing series online! Hollywood Movie

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The Back-up Plan

Hollywood Movie If you are tired of high-tension thrillers, scary horror films and depressing dramas you definitely should check that light romantic comedy. That is a very nice movie for girls and for couples who are in love. Of course, you shouldn’t treat it like a real movie — everything you see is way too good to be true, but that doesn’t make this film bad.

We all need a nice portion of positive emotions from time to time so try to watch movies like this on and enjoy perfect love between Jennifer Lopez playing the main role and her lover. If you like films where everything ends up great — you wouldn’t be disappointed as well. I can recommend the Back-Up Plan to be included in the best movies list of romantic comedies for sure. Hollywood Movie

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The Messenger

 Hollywood Movie
Hollywood Movie

Hollywood Movie Several great films concentrated on war themes were released recently and The Messenger can proudly take its a place among bets movies of the genre. This screenplay is a pretty dramatic story of injured more solid played Ben Foster who was placed in the team that does a very sad job. They notify relatives when some soldier dies and bring their condolences.

That antiwar movie is very concentrated on the terrible emotions of those who stay at home while their sons and beloved go on war. There are no flaws in actors play and if you know what is good drama and like that type of films you never should miss it. It makes us think more about what we can loose and about the terrible sides of any war. Enjoy it and download movies in a similar genre. Hollywood Movie

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You Don’t Know Jack

 Hollywood Movie
Hollywood Movie

Hollywood Movie HBO finally managed to release the film that would be nominated for Oscar at least in several categories. This is the real masterpiece that would impress everyone who dares to watch it. In our time of sci-fi, horrors and action biography movie of that quality is a really rare thing. The most exciting is that the leading character is played by Al Pacino, so all his fans should immediately consider downloading movies now.

I think that most of you know who is Dr. Kevorkian, the guy who assisted patients with a hopeless case to commit suicide. His life was full of drama and famous Al Pacino managed to expose all the feelings and emotions of the infamous doctor. This film goes into the best movie list without any doubts! Hollywood Movie

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Snow Buddies

Hollywood Movie
Hollywood Movie

Hollywood Movie Disney never fails when it comes to movies about animal and Snow Buddies is just another proof of it. No, any other studio can make a family film that would be as good as this one so don’t forget to add it to your best movies list! If you like dogs and enjoy watching family movies you should definitely remember Air Buddies, the prequel of this film also featuring cutest puppies ever. This time this company of talking dogs gets into Alaska and has to make their way back home.

They experience lots of unexpected adventures, but their loyalty and friendship help them to overcome all difficulties and successfully return home. Remember my words — your kids would be absolutely excited with these prettiest puppies and ask you to buy one for sure! Watch movies like this with your family and your family would be even more happy than now! Hollywood Movie

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