[UPDATED] Hollywood Movie List 2009 | 2010

[UPDATED] Hollywood Movie List 2009 | 2010

Saw 3D

Hollywood Movies
Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies The move to make the final part of The Saw in 3D was definitely a great idea. It not only can be considered one of the best movies in the series but probably can be considered as an example of greatly composed film. Besides amazing CGI 3d effects you can find it to be pretty interesting since it summarizes all the previous parts and explains everything that was missed before. The plot itself is almost the same, Hollywood Movies it tells about several kidnapped people who are locked in some terrible torture dungeon where they are punished for arrogance and other sins. What else to say, Jigsaw rocks again and it is great to see some old heroes back in the action. The movie is really scary especially with all these new amazing graphics so we can state that Kevin Greutert did a good job as the director and we can recommend that film. Don’t forget that you can download movies online right here. Hollywood Movies

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Saw 3D (2010) Movie Trailer HD Hollywood Movies


Hollywood Movies 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies Here is some surprisingly good movie that stands in one line with Jaws and as you may guess it is a classic horror film about scary piranhas eating people. It may sound trashy but this cult classic has a pretty nice plot that is interesting to follow and overall action is on a quite high level. Joe Dante has decent experience as a director of classic horror movies so he did his job perfectly again. This type of film can be great entertainment for you and your friends. It is not necessary to buy a DVD since you can simply download movies like that online for a fair price and have fun on weekends watching it. This amazing movie reminds us that all these CGI effects are not the most important thing and if the movie is interesting enough it can easily do without almost any.

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The Merry Gentleman

Hollywood Movies 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movies 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies This movie directed by Michael Keaton who also played the main character of his film has a really great and unusual plot and it gives a solid impression of an intelligent movie with interesting characters. The story revolves around a cold-hearted killer who tries to commit suicide after accomplished work and ex-wife of the policeman who beat her many times during their marriage. Occasionally she spots him during his suicidal attempt and he visits her house to kill her by instead gets pneumonia stroke just near her door. Actually, she saves his life and spends time with him in the hospital without knowing his background. It is really interesting to follow their relationship, to see where this strange love can lead them finally. This is not a very famous movie but it is still considered to be one of the best movies in the genre by some critics so I definitely advise you to check it out! Hollywood Movies

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Paranormal Activity Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movies 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies The idea of the director of Paranormal Activity was to look it like the real footage but not the staged movie. Probably it was even inspired by movies like The Blair Witch project and Oren Peli succeed in making a very scary film. As I already said it gives an impression of home video recorded the normal couple who experience something strange in their house. They install a video camera so you can see what is happening during the nighttime and I must admit that this is a really disturbing and horrifying experience! If you like The Blair Witch project you will like this film as well, but remember that it is much scarier! All lovers of horror/mystery movies can easily put that low budget masterpiece in their best movies list. Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood Movies 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movies 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies Nobody believed that sometimes another one good movie from Predator series would be ever filmed but here it is. What we can see here I solid and very entertaining high-class action/sci-fi movie directed by Nimrod Antal. This time action takes place on the distant planet that is actually a homeworld of Predators. These legendary warriors bring the best fighters of the human race with absolutely different backgrounds to their planet in order to face with them in an epic battle. These characters are really interesting and bloody fights are incredibly staged, full of great CGI effects and high tension. Even if you managed to miss that in the cinema somehow you should download movies like that one online to complete your collection of best movies Hollywood Movies

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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Hollywood Movies 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movies 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies Michael Douglas comes into play again, now in the awesome movie filmed by talented Oliver Stone. Secrets that are kept among office buildings of Wall Street are inaccessible to ordinary people and we rarely hear something honest about all these dirty things that are done there. This sequel is a nice illustration of how money is made and what people can do in order to come to the top.
This time movie starts when Gordon Gekko gets out from prison in the time of recession and does everything to claim his previous position and money. The previous part of that film is already in all possible best movies lists and this one seems to be mot worse. This great screenplay would be great for all those who want to dive into the world of dirty money and also appreciates actor skills if Michael Douglas. Hollywood Movies

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The A-Team

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movies 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies If you are an old fan of A-Team you should wait any longer since you simply must have it in your movies list as quickly as possible. You can try to download movies online if you don’t want to wait for the DVD and this can be the right choice. All the old heroes that you like — pilot Murdock, BA, Hannibal with his cigar and Face are back in this ultimate action movie. From the beginning to the end it is all about shooting, chasing and blowing everything around, just like in old good days. We should really thank the director Joe Carnahan for bringing this magnificent non-stop action to the blue screen and making it flawless. I promise you 100% of fun and satisfaction! Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies It looks like everyone is talking about that magnificent movie filmed by famous director Robert Rodriguez and it definitely worth the hype around it. This is for sure one of the best movies of this year, Robert did an amazing job and managed to fully satisfy his fans with extreme violence and breathtaking action. This is the story of Mexican hitman who was hired to kill senator but was framed and nearly killed by his employers. He manages to recover and now nothing can stop him on his violent way to revenge. You should expect lots of hot girls, incredibly violent action and funny moments in that film. The DVD is not on sale yet but you can watch movies online even if they have been released just recently. Hollywood Movies

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District 9

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies Not so often it is possible to see something at least a bit different in the sci-fi movie genre. It seems that we either have to watch some pretty stupid movie without any plot that is based only on CGI effects or full of cliche. District 9 is one of the best movies of 2009 yeah for sure. It has everything that you won’t see in regular Hollywood film about aliens. First of all, here they came not to attack us but in case of real emergency but humanity treats them in a pretty harsh way.
However, the main rival of aliens who are locked in the special zone and considered to be nothing more but illegal immigrants catches strange decease that transforms him into something very special and he appears on the other side of the barricade. Producer of this amazing film is Peter Jackson who definitely chosen great actors and director for that screenplay. Hollywood Movies

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Resident Evil: Afterlife

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies Resident Evil series continues to surprise us since each new part becomes even better than previous and this is a real achievement for the film based on a computer game. Hot Mila Jovovich continues her furious battle with undead monsters in the role of a genetically modified warrior who is immune to the virus developed by Umbrella Corporation and which stoked the whole humanity.
This time she uses an army of her clones to overcome this treatment and lead the rest of humanity to survival. There are no doubts that this masterpiece of sci-fi and action film mix can be named as one of the best movies based on video games and you shouldn’t be a hardcore fan of that universe to like that it. Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies If you missed Taken back in the 2008 year you should definitely check this film now. Basically, if you like straight forward action movies it is a great choice for you. Many people already got it in their best movies list as one of the most violent and breathtaking films that tell the simple story of one deadly dangerous guy(played by Liam Neeson) who gets his daughter kidnapped by evildoers.
He kills countless bad guys on his way to his kid and it seems that nothing can stop him in his righteous quest. Breathtaking action starts after just the first minute of that film and you stay on the edge till the very end of it. Remember that there is an option to download movies online if you don’t want to wait for DVD. Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies It is actually hard to define the proper genre for Eclipse, some people say that is it a supernatural movie about ghosts but you can easily say that is more of a psychological drama. Actually, that serious film contains something from both. Conor McPherson managed to film that cater for adults who enjoy suspense and drama mixed with some supernatural details People have a different opinion on that movie but I would recommend you to watch it at least once and form your own opinion about that screenplay that is actually in my best movies list.
Besides great actor play and complicated plot, you can enjoy amazing picturesque Irish scenery that serves as background to this film. Hollywood Movies

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Eclipse (2010) Movie Trailer HD

Law Abiding Citizen

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies In case you enjoy real thrillers with a very complicated storyline that is impossible to understand from the beginning or even middle of the film you just have to check this recent masterpiece that is already in best movies list of many people. This stunning screenplay is about the guy who experienced the death of his wife and daughter a long time ago, he returns 10 years after this terrible murder and seeks for revenge on the most brutal way he can imagine.
This gloom hero follows everyone who managed to escape any responsibility for the death of his family and especially the lawyer who worked out some kind of deal and helped killer escape justice. However, the plot isn’t that plain actually and upon watching this movie you would discover lots of secrets and sudden storyline changes that could really surprise. So if you want to get this magnificent thriller — remember that you can download movies online right here. Hollywood Movies

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies, As you may know, this movie is the second one in the series of films based on the books written by Stephenie Meyer that is called “Twilight”. This is a kind of special genre that some people define as teen vampire romance. All those who enjoy books would find a second part to be stronger than previous and without any doubts, they like it very much. However, you shouldn’t think that if you haven’t read the book you should not watch movies based on them.

In the New Moon, you would be heroes from the previous part again and this time vampire Edward decides that he has to leave mortal girl Bella in order to not endanger her anymore, but that decision is the way to hard and actually almost impossible for both of them. So if u didn’t see these stunning romantic dramas before — download both movies online and have a great time. Hollywood Movies

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The Expendables

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies When it comes to movies like The Expendables there is not too much to say about the plot. Really, who cares what is it about when you have such a great cast of several great and world-famous actors who gathered together to make most action intensive and funny movie of several last years. Sylvester Stallone directed that amazing film and invited all superstars of action genre from Jason Statham to Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren. Sylvester who of course the main character is a leader of the mercenary team and they need to take over a small island in South America so you can be sure that tons of action await you.

This screenplay can be added to the best movies list only because of that great company having fun together. You can even find Schwarzenegger in one of the episodes and that is really great since he has been quite busy in California during all these last years. Hollywood Movies

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Edge of Darkness

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies Martin Campbell brought the old movie of the 1985 year back in cinema. He managed to attract great actors for his remake such as Mel Gibson playing the protagonist role of Tom Craven, Boston detective who lost his wife and now his hope is his daughter. Once he finds her very ill at her workplace — research center Northmoor, he tries to save her by taking to the hospital by she gets a bullet from the mysterious killer. Tom tries to start his own investigation and faces the terrible truth about illegal researches and other dark intrigues. Mel Gibson does very well in these kinds of movies and Edge of Darkness is not an exception, this revenge thriller appears to be very emotional and can easily stick you to the chair while watching. Don’t miss another masterpiece of cinematography and download it for your best movies list. Hollywood Movies

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Planet 51

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies Absolutely genius animation movie that is highly recommended for watching not only for kids but for all those who appreciate American culture of the ’50s and can understand all these references to old best movies and music composition.

It tells the hilarious story of an astronaut from Earth who was the first one to land on a deserted planet and installs USA flag there. It was a great surprise for him to discover that it wasn’t a dessert at all but someone’s backyard prepared for barbecue. The following plot is very tricky and interesting for following. The animation itself is full of hidden jokes and more simple humor that your kids can understand. Hollywood Movies

The quality of this film is very nice without any doubts, voicing is even greater than animation. You can download movies like this one online now and enjoy it with your family.

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The Hurt Locker

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies That is quite an outstanding war movie that tells us about the war in Iraq from the position of a special squad that disposes of bombs. The director — Kathryn Bigelow managed to recreate the full atmosphere of this war campaign and overall impression makes us watch movies like this one till the end and admire.

The plot is very breathtaking and it doesn’t look anything we saw before. When previous squad leader died due to inability to cope with his fear, the new team leader comes and takes a charge for everything. This William James played by Jeremy Renner is an absolutely reckless person and while all others want to get home as soon as possible he finds his job very interesting and it seems that he doesn’t fear anything. Hollywood Movies

I highly recommend you to download one of the best movies about war right now — you wouldn’t regret.

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Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies Who wouldn’t want to see some new action movie starring Angelina Jolie? She is one of the beautiful and talented actresses of our days but that is not only one reason to put Salt among best movies in the spy/action genre. This film has many good sides and the plot is one of its strongest advantages.
Angelina plays Evelyn Salt who is a secret agent CIA, she manages to find out about the terrible plan developed by Russians a long time ago. Their target was a description of the USA with the use of kids who were programmed to kill some important people in a certain moment without having any memories about it.
Suddenly it appears that Evelyn Salt was one of these kids… So if you are ready for some non-stop action you can watch it right now and don’t forget that you can download movies online right here. Hollywood Movies

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Best Movies 2010

Salt (2010) Movie Trailer HD


Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies It is an original and fresh approach to horror comedies and zombie films that makes the viewer enjoy every single minute of actors performance and breathtaking plot. As you already figured out the United States of America is not more, majority of human population turned into zombies by some horrific virus and only some survivors still struggle against hordes of these beasts.
Among these lonely heroes, you meet Columbus, brutal guy who lives according to his set of rules of a survivor, Tallahasse who possess great car and tons of weapon to kill zombies, Little Rock, and sister Wichita. They all want to get to Los Angles and have fun in some fun that is zombie free.
Zombieland gives really great overall impression, everything seems to be on its place – from violence to funny jokes. Check that of the best movies in horror comedy genre if you want to have some fun with your friends. Remember that you can download movies online right on this site. Hollywood Movies

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Best Movies 2009

Zombieland (2009) Movie Trailer HD

Toy Story 3

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies In many other cases when it comes to sequels we treat them with suspicion but not when this sequel is produced by Pixar! No one doubted that new part of Toy Story would be as exciting as two previous ones. The plot tells us about the time ten years past from Toy Story 2.
The main character, Andy is already in college and his live toys consider themselves to be forgotten, by mistake of course. However, they don’t waste time and leave for Sunnyside Daycare in the box for donated toys. At first, everything looks fine and promising but later toys discover some terrible secrets of that daycare.
This animation of one of the best movies in the series, it contains both emotional and action scenes that would be appreciated by kids of all ages and their parents. If you don’t want to waste your time on DVD shipment you can watch movies online right now. Hollywood Movies

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Gran Torino

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies It is just simply impossible for Clint Eastwood to direct and play in bad or even middle rated film so his Gran Torino takes its well-deserved place in the best movies list. It is hard to believe but Eastwood managed to create a screenplay about the generation gap that is not boring at all. It tells us a story of Walt Kowalski(played by Clint Eastwood himself), the old man who survived the Korean War and death of his wife. He has kids but can’t communicate with them normally and his grandkids don’t like him at all. IN return he pays them with the same attitude. The only thing that he really likes is his Gran Torino 1972 and the local boy tries to steal that valuable possession which leads to great changes in the life of Kowalski. It sounds unbelievable but that film is really breathtaking and without any doubts, you would like that story. As always you can download movies online right on our site. Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies If you enjoy movies like Matrix for example with realty twisted plot and original idea, Inception can one of the best movies in your personal list. The creativity of filmmakers is really stunning. They not only managed to develop a truly breathtaking plot about completing various tasks and stealing ideas right form other people’s dreams but also made it absolutely original.

It is hard to name any other movie of that length (actually it lasts about 180 minutes) that wasn’t at least a little be boring.
Also, all fans of DiCaprio would be surprised since he managed to bring his skills at a whole new level. So that movie is strongly recommended to all those who like to watch movies that are fresh and original. Hollywood Movies

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Best movie of 2010

Inception (2010) Movie Trailer HD

Kung Fu Panda

Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010
Hollywood Movie 2009 | 2010

Hollywood Movies If you somehow missed that amazing animation masterpiece in 2008 you should definitely think about downloading it online now. It would be a great chance to entertain your whole family and yourself of course. Dreamworks proved again that they were know how to make the best movies in the animation genre.

As you may guess this film is about Panda that is not pretty content with her job of a waiter in family noodle café and wants to go by the path of martial arts. It is so funny to watch these Kung Fu fights and see how that lazy animal performs all these moves. Besides that plot is worth following and actually, it is pretty decent.

This animation is really good both for kids and adult who can finally relax and watch something hilarious. Hollywood Movies

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Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five (2008) Movie Trailer HD Hollywood Movies

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